Coming Soon: Mr. Olive "Urage" Hooded Parka

Mr. Olive "urage" hooded parkas have just been shipped from Tokyo and will arrive next week. The Mr. Olive "urage" hooded parka uses "shirako" thread, gauze woven for a soft and smooth exterior and "urage" (looped) woven for an extra soft and comfortable interior, creating a 3-dimensional structure of soft, light weight, and comfortable fabric. The fabric will become softer with wear. Available in 3 colors: black, gray, and brown.

Mr. Olive "urage" hooded parka in gray. 100% cotton. Gray, black, or brown. Sizes S, M, L. Made in Japan. $235.

Notice the "urage" (looped) interior - which becomes softer with wear.

Mr. Olive "urage" hooded parka in brown. Photos of black will be available upon arrival.