Introducing DENIME - Pioneer of Reproduction Japanese Selvedge Denim

Denime is a pioneer in Japanese denim making. Denime remakes now hard-to-find hidden masterpieces from the 50s to 70s America, with the concept of faithfully conveying the atmosphere of the old time, insisting on superior denim making at the levels of the fabric, fade, sewing, accessories, and wear. While faithfully remaking the old items, Denime incorporates modern trend.
The brand name “Denime” (pronounced du-nee-m) derives from a sturdy fabric called “Serge de Nimes” in the 15th century Nice, France. The word “denim” itself is believed to derive from this “Serge de Nimes.” Denime initially created its classic Denime XX type in 1988 through dismantling the 1950s deadstock denim at the thread level to scrutinize the place of where the cotton is originally made, thread number, color, dye, and woven yarn count. Denime XX type was initially made only 144 pieces. Denime took about six months from the creation of the prototype to begin the production of XX type, after confirming the successful fading. Denime denim shows its true strength after about six months of wear.

Our first shipment of Denime has already shipped from Japan. We will have Denime denims in stock very soon!