Introducing Corter Leather - Hand Made Leather Goods from New England

Corter Leather is an up-and-coming leather accessory label based in Boston, Massachusetts. Corter is a one-man operation and every piece is hand-cut and hand-made by leather expert Eric Heins. Holes are hand punched, rivets and hardware set by mallet, sewing done by hand, dying and oiling done in-house, and every piece made by memory without the use of patterns or stencils, thus every piece is unique. Here are few pieces we will be carrying this season and more details will be posted soon!

Heavy duty vegetable tanned leather belts.

Vegetable tanned leather bifold wallets.

Vegetable tanned leather bracelets.

Vegetable tanned leather I-Phone cases.

Vegetable tanned leather card cases.

Vegetable tanned leather utility pouches and wallets.