Chainstitch Hemming on the Union Sepcial 43200G

Blue Owl offers chain-stitch hemming services with the use of a Union Special 43200G. Chain-stitching is used for premium jeans. It is a hemming method and chains two threads together to create a more durable and flexible hem with a "roping" effect after being washed or soaked. A Union Special is one of the original machines used to create this chain-stitch hem on denim.

The Union Special 43200G available for chain-stitch hemming for us is the second generation of the model from the 1950s with a few modifications. This machine has a Servo Motor electric control panel and an air compressor unit updating it to the 21st century. As the machine pulls the fabric adding directional pressure to the hem, the Servo Motor and air compressor allows the speed to go up or down and the needle to create an evenly controlled chain stitch and the desired "roping" effect.

We offer free chain-stitch hemming services for all denim purchased at Blue Owl at regular price within 14 days of time of purchase (plus any associated shipping fees). This applies to both in-store or online purchases. For denim purchased elsewhere, we offer chain-stitch services at $25 per a pair of denim (plus any associated shipping fees). Turn around time is 3-5 days.

On all dry denim (unsanforized or unwashed raw), this service will include a one wash/soak in order to shrink the denim to tagged size. When possible, we use the same thread used by the manufacture and match the color to the original hem. If you are interested in our chain-stitch hemming services or have questions, please e-mail us at sales@blueowl.us.


Restocks Arrived! Left Field White Oak Cone American Raw Selvedge Denim

New restocks just arrived! Left Field American made White Oak Cone raw selvedge denim. Established in 1998, Left Field focuses on details of the fabrics and craftsmanship. Designed by Christian McCann and based in New York City, Left Field is 100% made in the USA and draws inspiration from early America.

Left Field White Oak Cone American raw selvedge denim in indigo. 100% cotton. Made in the USA. Available in sizes 28 through 34. $165. For more information, click here.