MofM (man of moods) "Mura-Ito" Oxford Cotton Washed Trench (Kkaki or Black)

"Mura-ito" washed fabric is used for several items in our 1st MofM (man of moods) spring summer 2010 collection. We have already mentioned the short jackets, and now we introduce the "mura-ito" oxford cotton washed trench, which is available in khaki or black. Above is khaki. For more information on khaki, click here. Both colors are beautiful and to see a side by side comparison, please refer to our previous post of the jackets.

MofM (man of moods) "mura-ito" oxford cotton washed trench. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. Available in sizes 1, 2, 3. Black or Khaki. $650. Above is black. For more information on black, click here.

This trench uses oxford cotton fabric made with "mura-ito" or threads with random thickness creating dimensions in the fabric. The oxford fabric provides softness, polish, wrink resistance, and breathability. The post-production wash addes further dimensions and characteristics. Above photo is black.

8 button front closure (4 hidden), 2 front pockets, adjustable belt strap, gun flaps, shoulder straps, notched collar, and cuff straps. You can style the trench in a variety of ways, as shown in the pictures. Above is khaki.

Above is khaki with belt tied behind waist.

Above is black with belt tied behind.

Slim silhouette through the body and through the arms. Above is black.

Stark black buttons provide nice contrast against the textured color of the "mura-ito" washed oxford fabric. Above is black.

Notched color. Above is khaki.

Shoulder straps. Above is khaki.

Single back vent. Above is khaki.

Belt. Above is khaki.

Gun flaps are located in front and back of the trench. Above is the back in khaki.

Back. Above is khaki.