Sunny Sports New Styles 40's Work Shirts

With our 2nd shipment from Sunny Sports spring 2010 collection, we received new styles of 40's work shirts. Sunny Sports vintage style 40's work shirts are made by Japanese artisans using fabrics and construction methods staying true to the originals of 1940's America.

Sunny Sports check plaid 40's work shirt in gray. Made in Japan. Available in medium, large, x-large. $175. Click here for more information.

Sunny Sports check plaid 40's work shirt in gray. Made in Japan. Available in medium, large, x-large. $175. Click here for more information.

Some of the details include the pima cotton details along the cuffs, nut buttons, and the triple chainstitch construction which is left long and exposed along the side vents.

Sunny Sports organic cotton chambray 40's work shirt in sumi. The "sumi" color is created by using a special Japanese dye method with charcoal ink (commonly used in Japanese artwork). Available in small, medium, and large. Made in Japan. $295. Click here for more information.

Hidden half placket with natural pima cotton twill.

Selvedge details under the collar and nut buttons.

Selvedge along the vents and the triple chainstitch, which is left long.

Pima cotton is also used under the cuffs.

Sunny Sports dungaree button down in indigo. Made in Japan. Available in medium, large, and x-large. $190. Click here for more information.

Dark natural indigo, single chest pocket, nut buttons.

The dungaree work shirt uses a double chainstitch construction, which is left long exposed at the side vents.


Sunny Sports Indigo Dyed Chambray Scarves

Our second shipment from Sunny Sport's S/S 2010 collection arrived today with new men's button downs, restocks of some of our 40's style workshirts, and these beautiful indigo dyed scarves.

Sunny Sports indigo dyed nep chambray scarves. Made in Japan. White or indigo. $50

The texture is crisp and yet soft to the touch. Sizing is 11.75" wide by 70.5" long. Above is indigo. Click here for further details.

Sunny Sports indigo dyed "twist" chambray scarves. Made in Japan. Dark gray or light gray. $55.

The fabric naturally twists creating texture and dimension. 6" wide x 55" long. Above is dark gray. Click here for further details.


Left Field White Oak Cone Amercian Raw Selvedge Denim - Restocks

Back in stock, Left Field American made White Oak Cone raw selvedge denim. Established in 1998, Left Field focuses on details of the fabrics and craftsmanship. Designed by Christian McCann and based in New York City, Left Field is 100% made in the USA and draws inspiration from early America.

Left Field White Oak Cone American raw selvedge denim in indigo. 100% cotton. Made in the USA. Available in sizes 28 through 34. $165. For more information, click here.


Man of Moods Fall/Winter 2010 - Sneak Peak

Here is a sneak peak of the Man of Moods fall winter 2010 collection entitled "Crasher: Coups sur But". The collection is quite large and this is just a sample. For those curious to see the entire collection or would like to special order any of the collection, please send us an e-mail.


Sunny Sports Spring/Summer 2010 2nd Shipment + Restocks

Our Sunny Sports 2nd spring shipment is on the way and may be here as early as tomorrow. With our 2nd shipment we will be receiving button down shirts and indigo dyed scarves and restocks of some of the current 40's style workshirts we carry. Also, due to many requests we will be carrying Sunny Sports in XL sizes starting with this shipment. Stay tuned!

One of our restocks will be Sunny Sports 40's Chambray Work Shirt in Stripe Blue. Features include selvedge fabric (shown under collar and vents), vintage work pockets styled from the 1940's, natural Pima cotton twill inside the cuffs (and under the placket of the striped version only), and triple needle chain-stitch left long. 100% cotton. Made in Japan. $235.

For more information on the blue striped, click here.


Blue Owl Measuring Guide: Jackets & Tops

It can be hard to figure out what size to purchase, especially when it comes to a Japanese brand! Here is Blue Owl's standard way of measuring all of the jackets and tops. We recommend that you measure your own jacket or top that fits you well, following this measuring guide. Then, you compare the measurements to ours. If you need assistance, please send us an e-mail, and we can help you make the right sizing decision.

For this measuring guide, we will measure a Mr. Olive 13oz raw selvedge Maverick jacket in indigo size large. For more information on the jacket, click here.

Step 1: Chest
First, be sure to button or zip the garment closed. Second, lay the garment flat on its front or back side. Third, lift the arms and pull the fabric tight across the chest.

Now measure straight across the chest from seam to seam. Multiply this number by 2 and that will give you the chest measurement. As you see, this jacket has a 39" chest measurement.

Step 2: Sleeve
First, lay the garment flat and pull the sleeve out straight, making it easy to measure. Second, start measuring from the shoulder seam. If there is no shoulder seam (like on a raglan sleeve), do your best to find the edge of the shoulder.

Now measure the full length of the arm. This will give you the sleeve length. This jacket measures 25.5" sleeve length.

Step 3: Shoulder
First, lay your garment flat. Now measure straight across the shoulders from seam to seam at the very top of the shoulders.

This jacket measures 16" across the shoulders.
Step 4: Length
First, lay the garment flat exposing the back side. Now measure from the collar seam to the very bottom of the garment.
Notice where we start measuring, which is just below the collar at the seam.
This garments length measures 25.5."