Triple Works

Next week, we will receive our first shipment from Triple Works, Japanese denim label. Triple Works produces Japanesee raw selvedge denim for men and women. All of its denims are woven on old shuttle loom in Japan and rope dyed with pure indigo by Japanese artisans. Triple Works' signature hidden triangle stitching on the back pocket can only be visible after some wear.

Triple Works denim is available with different fabrics. One is "Future Indigo Denim" that fades much faster than normal indigo. Another fabric is "Permenant Indigo Denim" that uses a longer lasting indigo and keeps its dry raw look much longer. We will stock men's Straight Leg and Tapered Slim Leg models in both fabrics. For women, we will carry Boyfriend Tapered cut and Narrow Straight cut with the "Future Indigo Denim." More details to follow upon arrival.